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     Rebel Spring from Morgan Rhodes has been out since December 3. It is the second book in her first series of this kind under her birth name, not her pen name. The first book in this series is ‘Fallen Kingdoms’, that I already have put my review up for all of you to see.
     I love the front cover design of the person on it. To me it looks like it is ‘Magnus’ and the Fallen Kingdom one leads me to believe that it is ‘Jonas’ on that cover. Leaving only the two girls left to be put onto the covers of them. But, then again I could be totally wrong. Lol.
     The whole sleeve cover was very well done, once again. The add-on of the hawk flying in the background was very smart and a tease as well. To that the ‘Watchers’ are always watching.
     Yes I already do have my own copy of ‘Rebel Springs’ and can not wait to read more of it when able it read more. Kinda hard to do that with a lot of things happening all at once and no time to myself to do things I would like to do as well. And yes I will post a review for it when I am done reading it.


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