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     Fallen Kingdoms; By Morgan Rhodes

     “Morgan Rhodes is a excellent writer, and I can not wait to read the next book in this series.”

     Cleo is the youngest of princess of Auranos, daughter of King Corvin Bellos. During a trip to Paelsia to get wine that was rumored to be the best all around. Even though all of Paelsia was famous for their wine.
     Things started to happen and it all slowly started to get worse as the weeks went by. Cleo finally find out what her dads hushed talks were about, and it was the last thing that she or anyone ever wanted to happened. After many years of peace between the three kingdoms, blood would be spilled once again.

     Jonas has had a lot of anger…hate….revenge on his mind and heart after losing his brother. Ever since then he has wanted to kill the people behind his brothers death, and the kingdom they are from.
     One of Jonas best friends ends up helping him figure out a plan to do that, and not end up dying trying to do it. They also ended up getting help from two people, but are they really trying to help or do they have their own plans?

     Lucia went though her days as a princess as any other princess would. But, the life that she has was not originally meant for her to have. As her life was meant to go a completely different way.
     Her brother Magnus helps her get though with a secret that is huge, if certain people found out she could be put to burn to death.

     Magnus has a secret just like his sister Lucia does, but his is not of the mind….but of the heart. If the person that he loves finds out…it could kill him….if it goes wrong.
     As things been become unraveled for him one piece at a time, he becomes more closed up and like his father as well.

     Author Morgan Rhodes did an excellent job explaining the four main characters thoughts, feelings and everything else. As I went though each chapter I felt what they felt; laughter, sadness, anger and any other feeling that they felt. I felt like I was there going though what they were going though at the same time. The mesh of the four characters stories so far were so very well done. I can not wait to see how all of it will end.

     Fallen Kingdom is a beautiful well written book, that young adults will love to read. There are also scenes of graphic violence; blood also some graphic words as well.

     I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a new series to read. Morgan Rhodes is a excellent author, and I can not wait to read the next book in the series.

P.S. This morning I was looking for a review of ‘Rebel Spring’ the second book to this series. And I read this awesome reviewer on Twitter, and her review for the book was awesome loved it. Her name is Damais and her Twitter name is www.twitter.com/@gcreading. She is the creator of www.goodchoicereading.com. Here is the link to where I read her review for ‘Rebel Spring’ http://www.goodchoicereading.com/2013/11/review-rebel-spring-by-morgan-rhodes.html?m=1


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